How to love yourself: You come first.

This post is prompted from a friend of mine who made a fb status post about how she needs to “start doing for me and not worry what other people might say.”  This. is. ridiculously difficult.  

Like many of the recent people I’ve met, I have a lot of trouble putting myself before others.  For example, I have been known to skip work to deliver a “AH YOU”RE SICK YOU NEED LOTS OF CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP” goody bag to my infected friends.  Or cut something out to spend that much more quality time with a significant other.  And it makes you feel good to see that you have affected some person in such a way that they beam with a smile.  Basic positive reinforcement.

The problem arises when you begin to feel that you have spread yourself too thin.  When you’re coming home after a day at work then visiting a friend/love interest only to find its 9pm, you haven’t made dinner yet, and are debating eating your cat instead of taking the effort to cook before bed. 

For me, and I know for many others, it’s difficult to make a personal change to bring yourself to the forefront of your thoughts.  It’s easy to say, “I come first” than to actually put it to practice.  YOU DO COME FIRST!  I don’t mean this in a selfish way.  I know that pleasing others and going out of my way to do nice things for them makes me feel happy.  But when it comes to a point where you’re “burning the candle at both ends” and your own happiness is jeopardized, it’s time to take a step back.  Repeat to yourself that you come first.  Its a little moment where you can remind yourself to care for yourself.  

Caring for yourself is the foundation to loving yourself :)